Kolkata is an Indian city with a big importance for this country. It is the main cultural, educational and commercial centre from East India. Investors and entrepreneurs were always attracted to this area because there’s located the oldest port in India, named Port of Kolkata.

Nowadays, things changed, but there are still many investors and people who are running business in Kolkata. Because many things, products and services are traded on the internet, you’ll find many bloggers in Kolkata.

Blogging has two different sides: the first one can be considered as a passion, while the second one is a good way to earn money. The second side of blogging can make you have decent earnings by working home, whenever you want, and for how many hours you want.

Shirsendu Roy is one of the best bloggers in Kolkata, and he’s doing a great job with the blogs and websites that he’s running. He has different knowledge on a wide area of topics, from technology and food, to health and fashion.

If you’ll take a look on his blogs you’ll be able to find many interesting articles and blog posts that will help you understand the basic knowledge of programming, how to do different things with your smartphone, but you’ll also learn how to do a professional make-up and how to paint your nails.


Shirsendu covers many fields that people are interested in, but he’s also a good blogger when it comes to social and viral news all over the world. If you want to find out the newest things that will appear on the market, you definitely should read his blog because there you’ll find anything you need.

He’s also doing vlogging and reviews for different products. Doing that, he’s helping his followers and readers to pick the right products and services, which is one of the best things that a blogger or a vlogger can do for his fans.

There are also other bloggers in Kolkata that are doing a really good job, and together, Shirsendu and his fellow bloggers are doing a really good work. Many specialists say that bloggers are one of the most important part of the internet because they are offering high quality information, well structured, that is accessible for every person all over the world.

Actually, this is the main purpose of a blogger: to provide high quality content, in a friendly tone, that is well organized and easy to read. Doing that, you’ll attract many visitors, followers, fans and readers. This is what Shirsendu does, and he’s very good at it.

Many bloggers in India are running amazing blogs and websites that are helping people from each corner of the world and Shirsendu Roy is doing the same. If he’ll keep working hard and doing those things with passion he has big changes to grow his business in a short period of time.


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