No red carpets were spread when the CEO of the California based tech giant Apple worth $233 billion, Tim Cook arrived in India for a brief stint. The visit might have raised the hopes and increased the bar for the IT employees but the impact had failed to live up to the expectations for the people. On his visit to India, he set his footprints in four major cities of India – Mumbai, New Delhi, Kanpur and Hyderabad.


After visiting the famous and one of the most sacred holy places Siddhi Vinayak Temple in Mumbai, he was invited for a dinner party by none other than the Baadshah of Bollywood- Shah Rukh Khan along with a huge number of other Bollywood celebrities. Then he had a conference with the CEO of one of India’s leading private sector banks, ICICI bank, Chanda Kochar. Later, he enjoyed an IPL bout in Kanpur with many other dignitaries. He met with the business tycoon Mr. Sunil Mittal, the CEO of the Airtel. The trip was winded on a happy note with a meeting with the Indian Prime Minister- Mr. Narendra Modi.


Well, what crossed in each one’s mind when he visited is pretty clear. How is India going to profit or what will be the visit make out for our shattering economy? The future is yet uncertain with no conspicuous answers. But one can easily be see a glimmer of hope in the near future for the upcoming days.

The Cupertino, the tech giant based in California publicized its development hub in the upcoming IT hub of India – Hyderabad to function on the platform of Apple Maps. He also discussed that a centre would be set up in Bangalore to help the IT people develop apps for the iOS devices. This will boost all the tech industry people. His main objective to increase the sales of the Apple iPhones in India which ranks third largest in the smartphone market. Apple wants to expand in the market as the telecom operators roll out the 4G services in India.

There could be a possibility of retailing and manufacturing Apple devices in India in the near future but nothing has been finalised yet. Apple Pay is another innovative idea that has been put forward by the CEO for the people to make payments through a digital wallet. This is one of the convenient way to make payments in the cashless manner. Another important matter that cropped up in the meeting was selling of the refurbished and imported iPhones in India at a cheaper rate.


Well, the meetings with all the dignitaries might pave the way for a better economic condition India. The equation of the currencies might see change in the brighter prospect. The stock market and the sensex may change. In the price-sensitive market, these iPhones are pretty expensive and fall in the top smartphone section. The move of Make in India plan may finally see the rays of hopes when they start investing in India. The stages is set, only the bucks need to flow in with the nod.