We all love hill getaways, mostly because of the weather and also for the mind-blowing sight-seeing we come across. Sure all the hill stations have one thing in common i.e. the beautiful drive through the swinging roads and small towns that come in between. The dense forests and the rise ahead of us taking us into cooler temperature zones is a journey we love taking. But what these hill stations have in them is something above beautiful and give them a different special love! Here are the six hill spots that have won hearts of all the travelers.

  1. Gurudongmar Lake:


We put Gurudongmar Lake at no 1 because it totally deserves it! It is one of the highest lake in the world, located at an altitude of 17,800 ft (5,430 m) in the Indian state of Sikkim. It is a lake which is considered sacred by both Buddhists and Sikhs. The lake is named after Guru Padmasambhava, also known as Guru Rinpoche, founder of Tibetan Buddhism who visited the lake in the 8th century. You will thoroughly enjoy the scenic beauty and feel a heavenly pleasure at Gurudongmar Lake.

NOTE: This place is not for weak hearted people. You are expected to have breathing problem. So you have to deal with it.


2. Pangong Tso | Ladakh


Lakhs of people have loved the view, millions of words have been written in praises of Leh/Ladakh and yet Pangong Tso Lake is the most un-described experience of hill station. Situated at a height of 4350 metres, with distinct clear water and chilling temperature, this lake is a once-in-a-life experience!


3. The Ridge | Shimla


Shimla is one such hill station that has created a lot of love stories and inspiration to all the beautiful hearts. With its small cafes and snowfall that create waves in the country, Shimla easily takes the most loved hill station crown! The ridge is an open space located at the heart of shimla. With people gathering and talking around, enjoying snowfall here is a mind-blowing experience for once we forget the real world!


4. Dharamshala | Himachal


Dharamshala is the new buzz when it comes to living the natural beauty and the culture of hills. Known as the Tibetan knowledge capital, this place is heaven in a zest. The view is so beautiful from the mountains that you might as well consider not going back!


5. Tsomgo or Chhangu Lake | Sikkim


This is yet another wondrous lake to have its place in our list. This is a beauty at a height of 3753 metres, this lake is a serene experience both in summers and winters. The mountains and the lake freezes in winters and makes for a picturesque site.


6. Tiger Hill | Darjeeling


Tiger hill is a famous tourist site for its magnificent view of mount Kachenjunga and the sunrise that casts it first ray on the mountain. People from all over the world come to witness the beautiful view and soak into nature. A must when travelling North-East!


7. Rohtang Pass | Manali


Rohtang Pass is a mountain pass in the Pir Panjar range of the Himalayas near Manali. It is open during the months of May to November and makes for a beautiful road between the ice capped mountains. Having gained beautiful attention from people all over the world, this is the most beautiful mountain road.

The mountains have beautiful picturesque view surround them and have some awesome tourist spots. These six spots are the must-visits if you love to travel and can’t stay away from the hills!