Travelling and exploring is on everyone’s list this holiday, and while you plan for the most sorted travel plan, there is bound to be a last minute rush or hassle to get better of you! No matter how hard we try some little disasters happen during travel. While you struggle through the chaos and hour-long planning into the uncontrollable problems, we try to bring your notice towards some impending things that are still manageable.

[su_heading size=”15″]Flights[/su_heading]

We all know the struggle of booking the tickets, the rush to the airport, the window seat fuss and the luggage problems. But before you go through these all this time, just check on the pointers below!
• Clear your browsing history before searching the flights, helps keep the rising of ticket pricing in check.
• Fly at off-peak hours of the day to get a good deal
• While packing keep the maximum weight allowed in check, to avoid paying extra at the airport
• Do a web check-in before-hand, to get that seat you needed!
• Download you airline’s app to get your ticket on phone and miss out on the horror of losing the ticket.
[su_heading size=”15″]Packing and unpacking[/su_heading]

Old suitcase

Well, this is the most difficult and boring task when out for travel. Not only do we want to take the whole of wardrobe with us, we also want to bring new things back home. And the torture of excess baggage, missing out on clothes, arranging and keeping them back properly are the nightmares associated with travelling.
• Try new ways of carrying more clothes in small spaces
• Keep a hand-bag to keep your daily essentials handy!
• Keep fresh and used clothes separately to avoid cleanliness issues
• Unpack immediately to avoid soiled laundry
• Make small kits for makeup and toiletries, use samples instead of big bottles.

[su_heading size=”15″]Exploring new places[/su_heading]

Travelling is always better when you let yourself open into the nature to explore ways and mould in the environment of the place. Don’t back out on trying new things out and keep a back-up of all that you have!
• Use city guide books and the internet to find both the tourist spots and off-beat places to visit.
• Learn the key local language words, to strike simple conversations with the local people
• Get a ‘Things to do’ list prepared
• Try local cuisine and don’t hesitate to ask for your preferences, chances are you will land up finding the right kind of food
[su_heading size=”15″]Simple Tricks[/su_heading]


We have so many simple ways of making our travelling a lot easier than it actually looks like.
• Plan your travel months before to get good hotel and tickets at cheap rates.
• Use the discount coupons for that extra benefit
• Carry the clothes according to the number of days of travel, check if you can repeat clothes, no harm right!
• Don’t go too much on the footwear take two comfortable pairs. That is it!
Using simple travel hacks saves a lot of time, money and efforts and makes our journey a more comfortable one!