Who is imroy ?

Who is imroy (Shirsendu Roy) ?

As you already know, many bloggers are writing about technology, news, fashion, health, fitness, even traveling and many others topics. It is the same thing when we’re talking about the Indian blogger Shirsendu Roy but in a different way.

He’s a blogger from India, he is passionate about latest technology, latest gadgets, travelling and photography and he’s blogging about technology new, viral news, social news, travelling and photography on the other hand also promoting fashion trends, healthy foods and the benefits of fitness exercises on one of his blogs.

He has an interesting point of view, and an unique writing style, covering many subjects that readers are interested in. The high quality of his blogs and content is reflected by the professionalism that you can find in his blog posts, but also he has unique and well organized web sites.

Being an Indian blogger isn’t something very easy because there are a lot of competitors, but he believes that hard work and dedication can beat the talent, and this is his secret. He’s also doing Video Blogging for some of the products that he’s testing on his technology blog. This is a better and more effective way to present the advantages and the disadvantages of a smartphone, or any other gadget.

The following ones are Shirsendu’s ventures:

  • 7Gigs.net
  • Viral20.com
  • TechyFy.com
  • Glamwand.com


If you’re interested in many fields and you want to be up to date with the latest news on travel, sports, fashion, lifestyle, business and others than you must 7Gigs blog. There you’ll find the best structured articles, with a wide area of topics that are very well written, in a friendly and very informative tone.


Don’t miss a post of Viral20 if you want to know the viral things, news, discovers all over the world on a single blog.


Electronics, programming, mobile phones, internet and many interesting guides on “How-to” – that’s what you can find on this website. It is the perfect one if you want to find out the latest news, guides, services and products that are released in the tech world. Don’t miss a post!


Glamwand blog is about reviews, foods and fitness, fashion and things that could attract the attention of many girls and women: nails, hair and makeup. Reading it you’ll learn interesting things but you’ll also be able to practice some things if you’ll go to the Do It Yourself section.

Shirsendu Roy, the Indian blogger is one of the bloggers that will have a huge growth in the future, and the first signs are favourable for him. If you’ll check the Facebook Fan Page for every blog that he runs, you’ll see for most of them more than 2,000 real likes. According to the Facebook Fan Page Likes, the 7Gigs might be the best one of his blogs, having more than 12,000 Likes.

Continuing to post viral news, high quality guides, and good content he has big chances to become one of the best bloggers from India.